Feel the grains of lentil in these crunchy and tasteful chips!

Lentils in a bowl

We are more aware of how important good nutrition in maintaining our health and vitality is. But, it is hard to let go of our old habits and favourite foods. This is why watching a tense game is hard to imagine without snacks that usually contain a large amount of fat.

Luckily, there are always Nutrish max lentil chips with reduced content of fat and gluten FREE to replace them. They are the “finishing touch” to any social activities. And they provide great delight to children and adults.

Choose Nutrish max lentil chips and feel thelentil grains in this crunchy and tasty chips!

Why choose lentil chips?

Lentil and tapioca (starch from the cassava root), as well as garlic and olive oil are the main ingredients in this tasty snack. We get energy from the carbohydrates in lentils and tapioca. Proteins contribute to the formation of cells and repair of our tissue. And dietary fibres are essential for normal bowel function, as well as detoxification.

Nutrish Max lentil chips fall easy within good nutrition for people of all ages. Moreover, they are a great source of magnesium and calcium. Combined with fruits, yogurt or milk they are a great snack after physical activity. Sport activities need greater input of protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes. It’s vital to eat high quality foods before and after any physical activity. And Nutrish max lentil chips fit just right in!

Nutrish max lentil chips is:

  • Low fat

  • Reduced salt

  • Rich in protein and dietary fibre

  • Contains NO trans fats

  • Gluten FREE

  • Vegan product

Nutrish max lentil chips are easily combined with various foods.
Here are a few ideas for your healthy snack:

  • Use lentil chips as a base for spread made of fresh cheese, garlic, chilli and sweet ground pepper.

  • Nutrish lentil chips are a great base for humus. Along with fresh peppers, it makes a light snack at work.

  • Tasty dip made of sour cream, chopped chives and garlic is great to dunk your lentil chips while watching a movie.

  • Crushed lentil chips is an unusual yet nutritious addition to strong vegetable stews and nourishing cream soups.

Lentil stew in a bowl

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