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Tempeh chips on a plate

It’s hard to imagine watching sport events and movies, or hanging out with your friends and drinking beer without any snacks. Even when we’re not at home and we get hungry, the first thing we reach for are snacks.

Today, we’re more aware of the impact of food on our health and vitality. We pay more attention to the quality of our diet and carefully pick food for ourselves and our family. Thus, we are also mindful of the kind of snacks we eat.

The basis of Tempeh chips is soy. There’s up to 70% of it! Together with tapioca (starch extracted from the cassava root), prized garlic and olive oil it makes a great healthy snack.

Classic high-fat potato chips, full of „empty calories“, hardly fit into a healthy diet.  Our diet should consist of food that is a source of complex carbohydrates.

Plenty of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibre,that's what you get from Nutrish max tempeh chips

Why soy?

Not too long ago, some 40, 50 years ago, a favourite snack of children in our rural areas were roast soybeans. Even today, those generations remember it’s specific, kind of nutty taste with a smile on their faces. This bit of gastronomic history makes Nutrish max tempeh chips an interesting snack.

Soy, as a protein-rich food, also contributes to formation of new cells and tissue repair. It’s rich in carbohydrates and together with tapioca helps reach our energy needs.

Tempeh chips vs. Potato chips

In comparison to other various potato chips, tempeh chips contain only half of the fat. That’s why it’s consistent with the quality diet of both children and adults.

Due to its mild taste, it’s easy to combine it with other food. Take some fresh cheese, apples and tempeh chips and you have a great breakfast or an afternoon snack.

The crunchy texture of Nutrish max tempeh chips is especially appealing to children and youth. Combine it with dried fruits and you have a high-quality snack for school.

Taking into account the composition of tempeh chips. Its potential to combine it with other food. It is without a doubt a good and quality replacement for classic high-calorie snacks.

Nutrish max tempeh chips is:

  • Low fat

  • Reduced salt

  • Contains NO trans fats

  • Gluten FREE

  • Vegan product

Tempeh chips with dip

Fun ideas for breakfast or snack with tempeh chips

Prepare it in a few minutes and enjoy throughout the day:

  • Tempeh chips + fresh cheese + pear with a cup of tea
  • Dry prunes + yoghurt + crumbles of tempeh chips
  • Tempeh chips + fresh cheese with scallion leaves and a glass of yoghurt
  • Tempeh chips + cream cheese + a glass of milk

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