Nutritious and healthy snack made from wholegrain soy, lentil or chickpeas.
Choose one of 5 different flavours, each with it’s own little twist.
Or better yet try them all!

  • Low in Calories

  • Low in Fat

  • No Added Sugar

  • Rich In Protein

  • Gluten Free

  • 100% Taste

Tempeh Chips


  • 100% crunchy tempeh taste

  • Made from wholegrain soybeans

  • Rich in protein that makes you feel full

Tempeh Classic
Tempeh Chips


  • Tomato flavoured healthy snack

  • Made from wholegrain soybeans

  • Free of trans fat

Tempeh Tomato
Tempeh Chips


  • Extra kick for your taste buds

  • Made from wholegrain soybeans

  • Gluten free

Tempeh Hot&Spicy
Lentil Chips


  • Lentil beans in crispy chips form

  • Made from wholegrain lentils

  • Rich in folate that help you grow

Lentil Classic
Hummus Chips


  • Taste hummus in a new way

  • Made from wholegrain chickpeas

  • Rich in fibre that reduces cholesterol

Hummus Classic