You love hummus, and now try it’s crunchy version!

Chickpea beans

The pace of modern life often doesn’t allow us to stay committed to our diet as much as we would like to. Not to mention the insufficient presence of leguminous vegetables on our menus.

Shifting away from traditional foods pushed the chickpeas away from our diet. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you try to avoid classic snacks because of the amount of fats and salt and their small nutritional value. We have a solution for you!

It's time to try a tasty and nutritious snack,hummus chips made from wholegrain chickpeas

Chickpeas are a legume that provides our bodies with many great things. They’re rich in digestible carbohydrates, proteins, and many vitamins such as folate, B1, B2 and B6.

Folate is a vitamin that supports brain function. It participates in creating red blood cells, so it’s useful in preventing anaemia. Vitamin B1 helps create energy from the food we eat. It also contributes to nerves and brain health as well as immunity.

Next time you watch a game with your friends, choose Nutrish max hummus chips as your snack!

Nutrish max hummus chips:

  • are reduced salt chips

  • contain NO trans fats

  • is gluten FREE

  • is a vegan product

You can always use Nutrish max hummus chips as a basis or addition to various snacks. Just look at the ones we’ve come up with!

  • Hummus chips + fish paste + tomato = ideal light lunch at work

  • Hummus chips + salsa dip = great snack while watching TV

  • Salted anchovy + hummus chips + olives = fun and crunchy canapés

Hummus in a bowl

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