Is a healthy lifestyle important to you? Are you looking for a tasty alternative or are you just looking for something different to eat?

Tempeh is a type of fermented soy cake. It’s very nutritious, low-fat and cholesterol free. It is a meat substitute with superior digestibility. Among other things it strengthens the immune system and bones, and is good for your heart.

In the US, China and Indonesia tempeh is often used as a basic ingredient in sausages, sauces and burgers. With it’s higher level of thiamine, folate, niacin and riboflavin, it is a great meat alternative.

With its variety in taste and texture it’s suitable for vegetarians as well as meat lovers.

The consumer of the future:

  • Eats a healthy and balanced diet

  • Is not necessary a vegetarian

  • Chooses a varied diet

  • Consumes healthy products

Tempeh meal

What are main benefits of tempeh

Main benefits of tempeh are its health benefits. Tempeh helps reduce sugar levels in the body and risk of diabetes. It helps produce higher antibody count. And also helps with muscle building and lowers cholesterol levels.

More and more people try to live healthier lives. They eat less meat and focus more on vegetables and meat substitutes. So it’s expected that tempeh will become more and more popular in day to day life.

Tempeh benefits

Main benefits of tempeh

  • Reduces risk of diabetes
  • Lowers blood pressure and helps protect your heart
  • Prevents and helps with treatment of metabolic diseases like stomach disorder, obesity, diabetes, etc.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels

Nutrient Advantages Of Tempeh:

  • High in Protein

  • Rich in Vitamins B, Iron, Minerals and Fibre

  • Contains Vitamin C and Calcium

  • Easily Digestible

  • Low on calories

  • Cholesterol free

  • Gluten free

  • Vegan

All in all tempeh is definitely a product worth adding to your meal plan. 

While you’re at it try our healthy tempeh chips snack. It’s nutritious, crunchy and a great substitute for regular chips!

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